What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing allows users and potential customers
to find you on the Internet and know your products and services.
It is about offering value in a non-intrusive way, unlike traditional advertising,
so consumers do not feel that the end is to get sales.
With the inbound techniques, your clients come to you.


Inbound marketing is based on several steps


To generate traffic, we use different resources such as content marketing, SEO techniques, social networks, PPC, etc.


We apply all necessary techniques in order to convert the traffic into a database for inbound actions to be effective.


We manage the records of the Database. We integrate them with a CMR or with automation tools and lead nurturing. This way, an automated content flow is created and adapted to the user’s purchase cycle; related to the lead scoring, which determines the right moment to convert it into a customer.


After you get customers, you need to keep them. At this stage, we work to keep them satisfied, to offer them useful and interesting information and to take care of potential prescribers to convert sales into recommendations.

We are Partners
of Hubspot,
the leading inbound
marketing company.

HubSpot integrates in a single tool
the analysis of all the inbound marketing
techniques and thus guarantees to do the good
monitoring and nutrition of leads.

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